Sanctuary of S. Romedio:
reachable from Coredo in about a hour on foot just by crossing the wood: it is defined as one of the most suggestive in Europe since it rises on a rock at the end of a canyon 90 meters high. According to official studies the most ancient part, risen around the grave of the hermit Romedio, was built a the beginning of the 10th century; however, according to other sources, Romedio dates far behind that period.

The little ponds to the Palù:
Simple and suggestive mountain lake environment. Around: trekking path with areas equipped for picnic; ample park for children, eco-museum with Venetian sawmill, path toward the sanctuary of S. Romedio and other destinations. From the village of Coredo, the lakes are reached by walking through the Avenue of the Dreams in about 15 minutes.

The malga of Coredo
(malga is the name of a construction where cows are kept in summer time and live in open air) It is reachable by car in about 30 minutes. From there they are lots of possible walks that conduct to the adjacent valley the Adige. Restaurant with typical specialty is available in the malga

Predaia Park:
has an easy ski resort and an area for sleds, cafe and solarium.

Bragher castle
still inhabited noble residence in the woods south of Coredo. Inside there are four hundred preserved frescos, ancient furniture and precious collections of art that add value to one of the best preserved castles of the Trentino.

Religious itineraries
The Valley of Not is a privileged destination for the religious tourism: a suggestive itinerary between the signs of the sacred. Suggestive places of cult are: the Sanctuary of St. Romedio, the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Senale and the Basilica of the Saints Martyrs of Sanzeno.