The Canyons valley

Crystalline water's falls about ten meters high, narrow passages dug in the rock, dark and mysterious throats on deep canyons are fantastic natural things that remained hidden and inaccessible centuries. They have been recently rediscovered and today you can visit them in full safety, thanks to the new and suggestive paths built in the rock. There are eight exciting itineraries; two of these, the visit to the canyon Rio Sass and to the Park River Novella, are practicable only with an experienced guide; the others are simple paths that can be practised autonomously.

The Emerald Lake Canyon

Part from the center of the country of Fondo. Distance that allows to admire the erosions and the limestone formations of cliffs with several colorations. The distance finishes to the evocative Lago Emerald. Duration: 1 hour and 30' approximately.
Il Canyon di Fondo Cartina del Canyon di Fondo




The Tret water-fall

To park in pressed of the Hotel the Aurora to Tret. With 40 minuteren a steep and slippery path is covered that allows to admire this magnificent fall of 70 m. approximately. La Cascata di Tret Cartina della Cascata di Tret





PFrom the two small lakes in Coredo you can reach the San Romedio sanctuary by walking through the paths in the woods. There you can also notice the mouth of a Canyon which takes you to Sanzeno, a small town. Duration 1 hours and 30'.Il Canyon di S. Romedio Cartina Canyon di S. Romedio




S. Giustina hermitage

From Dermulo for the path n. 529, path at times much steep one reaches until Tassullo in the pressed ones of the station of the Tram. Duration 2 hours and 30'.Il Canyon di Santa Giustina Cartina del Canyon di Santa Giustina