Coredo Village

At the slopes of the Roèn mountain, the vast Predaia’s highland extends over the valley, rich of lawns of green grass, woods and paths where you can easily walk. Coredo (m. 830), at the borders of a forests of conifers, is located at the centre of the charming Valley of Not, in front of the so called Dolomites of the Brenta.

As a village famous for its traditional hospitality, testified by some beautiful liberty villas of 19th century, Coredo enjoys an incomparable position, a dry and mild climate, a vast and clear horizon as well as a fantastic panorama.

Ancient buildings characterize the village historical centre. House Marta is a valuable edifice of the 17th century. A little far from it a tenebrous magnificent and impressive building, known as the Black Palace, (15th century) raises the sky. It was also used for the trial of witches in 1614, ended with seven capital punishments executed with a fire in the public square. Inside there are frescos in Gothic style that describe the triumph of the justice in the period of Genoveffa of Brabante, queen of France. Coredo castle, after being set on fire in the 1616, has been rebuild one century later and now has been transformed in a distinctive residence.

The wood adjacent to the village is crossed by comfortable walks and it has large areas ideal for picnics on the shore of the lakes; sporting facilities such as tennis fields, parks game, winter skating and horseback riding are also available in the area.

Shady paths bring to a sanctuary, to an ancient castle, to a canyon, to mountain houses and to huts. Skiing and cross country are also possible in the highland.

The village also hosts a beauty farm with the possibility to use the swimming pool, to get massages, beauty treatments as well as relax.

In the Valley of Not it is possible to visit many suggestive places such as the spectacular lake of Tovel, the ample lake of Molveno, the sanctuary of Senale, castles and falls; Moreover, the charming mountains of the group of Brenta can be climbed, aquatic sport, such as canoe, rafting, canoying, can be practised as well as golf.