Welcome to Coredo Val di Non!

Coredo rises on a vaste panoramic position giving a figure like a balcony on the Valle di Non, the Brenta Dolomites and the chain of the Maddalene mountains.
Boasting an ancient tourist tradition, it is testified by some liberty villas from the early 19th century. From the village, numerous passage leads to the small artificial lakes of Coredo and Tavòn, to the St Romedius Sanctuary, to the Predaia meadows, and along the Dreams' Avenue.

Reception for the animals.
Languages spoken: Italian, German.
The house has a fine piano.



Casa Miramonti

Nice farmhouse in Coredo, a town situated in the upper part of "Valle di Non", panoramic view, thanks to the green woods surrounding the mt: Roen. In the suburbs of Coredo there are two little lakes and a lot of paths which lead to the highest mountains across the woods.